Autumn Properties’ primary objective is to increase the value of real estate investments for the benefit of Autumn Properties’ investors.  Investors participate in a specific real estate project and share in the profits of that particular property.  Each project involves identifying an undervalued real estate property, securing an investor, the purchase, renovation and sale of that property.  The first and critically important step for every project entails finding an undervalued real estate property with substantial upside potential.  Once a property has been identified, Autumn Properties creates a thorough renovation plan and budget for investors.  After the real estate is purchased, Autumn Properties oversees the design and construction of that property’s improvements.  Finally, Autumn Properties supervises the sale of the upgraded real estate.

Autumn Properties is a division of Autumn Ltd., an Illinois corporation.  The company’s founder, Baird Smart oversees every project from beginning to end.  A graduate of the Environmental Design School at the University of Colorado in Boulder, his design focus and experience is residential architecture and interior design.  Real estate broker, Emily LeMire consults for Autumn Properties during the initial phase of identifying properties, their valuation, purchase and final sale.  She recently earned Coldwell Banker’s President’s Club honor signifying her as a top 2% sales broker for her work in Chicago and North Shore Suburbs.  Her partner, Lydia Fields, also a broker with Coldwell Banker, contributes expertise on the rental market and leasing value.